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    Board Games you will Love!

    The board game circuit is nothing short of just a new social circuit that can lead to a whole new network of similar minded advocates in the digital world that you could connect without plugging in, literally.

    The mindless social pub crawl in just “getting wasted” and “getting laid” gets old quick in the social realm of Thailand. As much as a woman enjoys expressing dance moves and eyelash batting, an alternative option in using your time wisely, would be to challenge men in their arena, adding potpourri to your life style.


    I recently arrived to Chiangmai. In general, the fellow hunky players kindly taught me games I've never played before such as Resistence, Secret Hitler, Sonar, Builders, Cash and Guns, Scythe, Star Wars and so much more. I continue to remain open minded to the experience and gained new friendship. A smorgasbord of travelers and local residences presented an excellent social atmosphere.

    A clever program to mentally push your strategic game skills. Players from all over the world shares their play styles with a personal social experience that you don't get when only plugged into the big game via online. Another approach to real world tactics, while batting lashes in a different way.


    Archer Bar and Restaurant, located near the old town, holds quiz night to win vouchers for discounts with a 50 baht buy in to play. Enjoy Cafe, located near Central Festival, offers weekly game board night from 7pm to closing every Wednesday as long as you purchase off the menu. Meerkatto Cafe offers board games in their upstairs room for only 100 baht towards food and beverage, from noon to 6pm. Game boards supplied by

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