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    1. Use only reputable taxi's such as Vinasun, Mailinh and uber. You will be able to find Vinasun stand at the airport upon arrival to VN by going to the departure level (top level)and going to the far right upon exit.
    Jon Gilkison - You can get Vinasun and Mailinh on arrival level on the far left now.
    Linh Tran - Uber or Grab (taxi, car, bike - bike is VERY cheap), and you can pay in cash for Grab, as well as knowing the exact price you will have to pay.
    2. If staying longterm, you will need to register with the police ward in your area. If staying at a hotel, the hotel will handle it. If renting a place, usualy hte landlord will but not always. You will need to register if you plan to extend your visa.
    3. There are a lot of snatchers about. Do not talk on your phone in the open or have your belongings like purses laying about or even hanging by your side ever.
    4.Anh Le - "No valuable in the check in luggage when traveling in and out of Vietnam" those suckers working the luggage line are the scums of the earth

    Ant problem
    - Borax is called 'hàn the' in VN. It can be found in any basic street shop that sells soda's, detergents, candy breads etc.
    - You can also use an alternative, ' axit boric ' which is boric acid which is sold in pharmacies.
    1/2 cup of sugar, 1 1/2 tablespoons Borax and 1 1/2 cups warm water and dispense with cotton balls or paper towels

    - Max withdraws - 5mil in ANZ, 8mil in citi bank, 12 million max HSBC, 10 mill commonwealth
    - Joe Attard-Owen ATM - MB allows multiple withdrawals of 2m with no ATM fees (Tested on UK Mastercard)
    - Claudio Karjalainen
    HSBC 5.6Mn
    Citibank 8Mn
    BIDV 3Mn without local fees
    VCB gives as well 2Mn without fees

    - ACB allows VND account with passport only and debit card for use for international and online.
    - Sacombank allows VND account with passport only and debit card for use for international and online.
    - Vietcom Bank allows USD and VND account with passport only and debit card for use for international and online.
    -Kyaw Tay Zar - VIB and Timo in bank list too. Just passport. No strict rules on deposit. You get both debit card and ATM card which you can use online. Mobile apps are kickass. Timo is more of personal finance app too. Akin to Number26 in Europe.
    -Sam Sherwin - ACB offer a pre-paid Visa Debit Card with the only requirement being a passport. It is NOT a bank account.

    Barber Shop - Hair / Beard
    -A Cut Above - 90/10 Quoc Huong Thao Dien Q2 +841228875413
    -BarberShop Vũ Trí - Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai Q3
    -Liem Barbor Shop - 79 Nguyễn Sơn Hà Phường 5 Quận 3 +84 96 695 51 33
    -Urban Style Salon - For salon hair - 10 Đường, số 9, phường 4, Quận 4 +84 90 898 28 93

    Bus travel
    - Futa
    - Giant Ibis Bus
    - My Mekong Express
    - Phuong Trang
    - The Sinh Tourist - beware of imposters

    Cell Phones - to change to english
    - Vietel - Christian Krüper - Dial 900 and press 4 when the voice starts, press 2 (to select English) and press 1 to confirm the change.
    - Mobi - David Clary Brillian - dial 900. Then press 5. Then press 1. You then have to confirm by pressing 1 and quit by pressing 2
    - Stop ads on Mobi - text “TC” to 9241

    Cheap flights
    - Expedia
    - Kayak
    - momondo
    - skyscanner
    Once you know the cheapest airline, its recommended you check the airline directly for prices also.

    - François Babelaere - ACC American Chiropractic Clinic on hai ba trung street
    - Serge Yurovsky - you can add Maple clinic in d7 as chiropractor
    - Thomas Dixon Chiropractor - Dr. Bill, APT Clinic. 9B Phung Khac Khoan, District 1. Phone: 0909221388.(Bill has 20+ years of experience running his own clinic in the states, I go to him and I think he does a pretty damn fine job)

    Criminal background check for the UK

    - Dental Hospital - State owned - 201A Nguyen Chi Thanh Street – District 5 - Ho Chi Minh City (84 – 8) 855 6732
    - Dental Hospital - State owned - 263-265 Tran Hung Dao 84 383 60 191 - 383 77 584
    - FV hospital - 6 Nguyen Luong Bang Street, Saigon South, District 7 (84-8) 54 11 33 33 - speaks great englis
    - Nha Khoa Thuy - 128 Truong Vinh Ky P. Tan Son Nhi, Q Tan Phu 0838426187 0903369653 - speaks decent english
    -Tran Phan - Nhung Nguoi Ban on Ba Hat street, Dist 10. Dr. Duyen. 0918698574. I recommend her because of great consultance, good English and reasonable price
    - West Coast Dental 27 Nguyen Trung St. Dist 1, HCMC, tel (848)38256999
    - Alexandre Le Guyader - best dental clinic in Q7 is Sakura Dental Clinic

    Driver License
    - VN currently accepts international license though cops will play dumb or not know but the law was effective from Jan 1st 2015 in VN
    - supposedly you can obtain a international driver license from VN from this website [If anyone who reads Vietnamese well can confirm and direct us how as the english section is non existent]
    - Translate your countrys Driver License into a Vietnamese Driver License. Will only be vallid until your current Vietnam Visa expires.
    1. One copy of your passport with the photo page and the visa page (both visa and passport need to be valid).
    2. One copy of your existing driving license, with a translated and notarized version. Go to Government Translation Office at 47 Le Duan Boulevard, District 1, HCMC (corner opposite Diamond Plaza). Go to counter No. 1 and ask for your driver’s license to be translated into Vietnamese.
    3. Three passport size photos (3x4)
    4. Go to HCMC Transportation Office 252 Ly Chinh Thang street, ward 9, district 3 fill out form and submit. 135,000 VND processing fee
    - Unexpired Vietnamese Driver license - you need to take the written test which is in vietnamese (no help/translator allowed)and the driving test.
    - convert your driver license into an international driving permit in vn. You will need a valid driver’s license, passport, and permanent residence card. It states that the driver license must be vietnamese but unsure. We will know more as time passes or in Oct 2015 when VN starts issuing these permits. The max time will be 3 years.
    - - can help you get a real unexpired license

    Foreign Food
    - 58 or 60 ham nghi street are popular stores that have resonable prices for pantry goods
    - Annam Gourmet Market 16-18 Hai Ba Trung, Q1 3822 9332
    41A Thao Dien, Q2 3744 2630
    - Classic Fine Foods Vietnam N.17, Street 12 , Binh An ward, District 2, 8 3740 7105 / 06 / 07
    - Kim Hai Butchers 41 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Q1 3821 6057
    - VEGGY's 29A Le Thanh Ton, Q1 3823 8526
    - Meatworks No.1 Street 2, Thao Dien Ward, District 2 (+848) 3744 2565
    -Alexandre Le Guyader - Giant (Q7) is the best supermarket for expats in Saigon

    Housemaid /Nanny recommended by members
    - No name - 01265143683
    - Thanhvan Nguyen - 01227446679 email:
    - Ms Lài - 01645456323

    Housemaid Companies
    - My Little Maid - 0166 2299 663

    just know you will be paying a surcharge if using an agent Bryan Le is extremely popular in this group probably for a reason. 0909012328 email:
    - craiglist
    it is recomended you have a viet friend or significant other who is vietnamese to do all the walk throughs/negotiations as the renter usually raises the price when dealing with foreigners.

    - Vy the owner makes excellent jewelry praised by many expats
    Made by Mum
    130 Pastuer 2nd floor room 201 District 1 HCMC
    +84 98 535 49 04

    Job search
    - Craiglist
    - Saigon Teachers a FB group

    - Marry in Vietnam - Foriegner spouse - Get Affidavit of Single Status (Certificate of Non Impediment), Birth Certificate, Health and Mental check and photocopy of passport. Bring all papers to Ministry office and Foreign office to legalize/notarize it. Send or bring all papers to VN for translation and legalization/notarized again or you can send it to a VN embassy in your country. Vietnamese spouse - Certificate of Non Impediment (Affidavit of Single Status) from home town, Birth Certificate, Health and Mental check, Photocopy of So Ho Khau and Photocopy of ID card. Bring all paper to Ministry Office of the vietname spouse hometown and apply for marriage doc. Set up interview date ( this step could be ending eventually) Pictures/videos and the like of being together will help.

    Money exchange
    - any gold shop but 86 mac thi buoi is very popular due to best rates

    Moped renting
    - Chi's cafe 84 8 3836 7622
    - Motorbike Rental 3.837 – 4916
    - Saigon Scooter Centre 3.844 – 7816
    - Saigon Wheels 0995145465
    It is recommended you never let the establishment never know where you live so that means you should go and pick up the moped yourself and input a false address due to rental places can go and steal your rental with a copy of the key. You will usually also have a choice to hand over your passport or a deposit. Passport prob isnt the best idea.

    -USA no longer adds pages. Must get a new passport.
    -Go to immigration to have your VN visa transferred over. New visa with exactly the same info. Should cost 10usd.

    - Tripadvisor is your friend
    - Michael Brent - Foodies in Saigon (HCMC) is also your friend(s)!

    Shipping company
    - An Nam -
    - Asian Tigers -
    - Crown -
    - DHL
    - Fed Ex
    - Santa Fe -
    - UPS
    - Vietnam post office - deemed unreliable and untrustworthy but could be okay with non valuable items. 360k for the first kg, and 120k/kg after that.

    - ManGii - 7/9B Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, district 1. Phone: 0981099448
    - Thanh Dung - 150A Ly Chinh Thang, District 3
    Non Custom
    - Factory Outlet - 212B/D90 Nguyen Trai, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward
    +84 90 737 47 57

    -Sports Bars that play western games on tv
    Game On, Shrine, Phattys, Orient, Kim's.

    200+ range
    - Cooper & Co 53 Nguyễn Tất Thành, Phường 13 +84 90 779 03 45
    Both ranges
    150 range
    - Harmonie 60 Mac Thi Buoi 0902 552 312
    - Chuong Tailor 270 Hai Ba Trung Str D1

    - Dan Sinh Market. 104 Yersin St. they have everything kitchen and household related not found in regular shops.

    Teaching in VN
    - its usually believed that CELTA over TESOL. In class over online.
    - ILA and Apollo are recommended schools to get certificate in VN.
    - ILA, Apollo and VUS are schools that do not discriminante.
    - requirements - Bachelor’s degree, CELTA/TESOL certificate. Criminal background check but not always required depending on school. Native speaker and white a big plus.

    - Join Vietnam Visa Agents facebook group
    - Chi Cafe 84 8 3836 7622
    - Johnny Le 0912 565 368
    -Linh Tran seems to be very popular. Prob popular for a reason 0906776919 - Hes also a lawyer if you ever need one
    - Phatman Visa Mr Phat Dang, 090 831 1294
    - Joeri Renkema - April 2016 - For the newbies here, this might help if you want to stay here longer (VISA RUN CAMBODIA - 104$)
    1. Apply for letter of approval ($30*)
    2. Take bus 703 between Pham ngu lao and le lai street to Moc Bai border ($2, 40k vnd)
    3. Leave Vietnam
    4. Enter Cambodia (visa on arrival, $35)
    5. Don't waste money at the casinos
    6. Exit Cambodia
    7. Enter Vietnam (visa on arrival, show letter; $30)
    8. Go back to Saigon (bus 703, $2)

    Note: perhaps if you dont mention once entering Cambodia that you only come for a visa run you only have to pay $30 for the visa.
    Also I was in the understanding that the Vietnamese (3 month single) visa was 25 usd, but maybe it changed or just ordinary Vietnamese corruption.. On the way back you can also take a random bus to HCMC, max $5.

    Take about 6 hours for the whole trip. Have fun. Or just book a flight to Bangkok.
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